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Best customer experience

we believe in providing our customers with the best user experience thru having the highest number of branches continuously.

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Turbo Platform

Getting Started

How can i start shipping with Turbo?

You can start shipping with Turbo by doing the following

– Go to the registration form by clicking on Start Shipping.
– Fill in the required data.

after filling in the required data one of our sales representatives will contact you to illustrate all the information.

How can i track my orders?

Simply from our website, click Track Shipment and enter your shipment code.

You will find all the shipment details updated in real-time.

How can I get in touch with customer services?

Using the mobile application or our contact us information you can get in touch with our customer service through opening a support ticket, call phone number.

One of our customer service representatives will be shortly with you.

What is the estimated time for delivering products?

The products get delivered

24hrs within the same governorate
72hrs as maximum time for cross governorate shipping
10 days for South-Sinai, Red Sea governorate and Matrouh

time counts after handing the product to the branch by 1 day, only workdays are counted.

What are the products that Turbo doesn’t deliver?

Turbo doesn’t deliver or ship the upcoming products

  • Fragile products
  • Food and Honey
  • Oils and Liquids
  • Flammable products and Fuel
  • Different smoking products
  • Mobiles, Computers, and Laptops
  • Official documents, Money, and Jewelry

Managing Your Account

How and when can i collect my money from cash on delivery shipments?

The cash gets prepared and is ready to be delivered by 20 L.E Fees

  • Delivered by courier
  • Bank account or mail (QNB – CIB – National Bank of Egypt – Banque Misr)
  • Vodafone Cash
  • Can be claimed free from the nearest turbo branch

Cash Collection Estimated Period

  • 24 hours within the same governorate
  • 72 hours to other governorates

How to register a parcel on the application?

First: Open any of the parcel pages in the list and press the (+) sign and write the customer data that the order is going to.

Second: You press “Send” to record the parcel on the sent page, or you click “Save” to record it on the saved page.

Third: You open the page where the parcel was registered, take the code from it and write it on the order that will be delivered to the shipping company, and write on it in response to the governorate and the region of the consignee

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our Contact Us page. Our team is always happy to help and will get back to you as soon as possible.