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It is totally legit and safe to use this platform. Being a famous eBay alternative solution, Bonanza is likely to bring about benefits for buyers and sellers. Bonanza provides the inbuilt chat feature, which is originally designed to answer customer questions or haggle on a price. Nonetheless, if you use it in a smart way, the chat feature can be a great way to boost your brand engagement and build a good relationship with your customer. It is similar to any other sales channel. If you put all eggs in one basket, which means you use only one marketplace, you basically have only one presence.

  • If our support team can be of assistance, please feel free to contact us anytime via email at and we’ll be happy to help.
  • But now Bonanza has added a penalty fee for sellers who don’t purchase their shipping, which they claim is the lowest around.
  • The goal is to help ecommerce entrepreneurs build a profitable business, without any of the busy work.
  • “And then you’ll charge me another 2 for shopping in your store.”
  • Bonanza is by far the most helpful, seller friendly, responsive site I have found.
  • Based on the revenues, we consider it to be one of the smaller online casinos on the market.

I checked on your support ticket and saw that you never responded after your initial message, so we were enable to provide further support regarding your purchase. Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews. I closed one of my old acts that I’d already closed ages ago. Tried again but it s still open.My 2nd purchase was mailed to an address 15 yrs old after I removed the address from my 1st purchase. They now charge 2.00 if you don’t purchase a shipping label from them. There is no communication to help buyers with seller committing fraud.

Bonus ladylucks casino | Account Randomly Got Banned For No

I called the phone number which was listed with the transaction on my bank account and of course got a recording. I left my information, and it has been four days… When you call ebay, you speak to a live person who works to solve your concerns… And you would think that BONANZA would not want RIDICULOUSLY UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS… I moved all my ebay items to Bonanza to see if it was a better experience than ebay… And they have a much larger shopping audience…

Players Winnings From A Bonus Were Confiscated

They ignored my inquiry about the fees and advised me to sell on two other websites, and I expressed my gratitude but also requested a refund of the fees that Bonanza collected upon my account registration and I have not received any response from them. I’ve been an online seller with Bonanza for 9 year now. I’ve rarely ever have a problem where I would need to contact customer service, but when I do I can always expect a quick reply and a satisfactory solution to the issue. My buyers have always been excellent customers with no dissatisfaction of their purchases so I’ve really never needed to contact CS.

bonus ladylucks casino

When she started playing the third bonus, she had won 13,800, sent her documents for verification, and requested a bonus ladylucks casino withdrawal. That’s when all the complications started. She was accused of duplicate accounts without any relevant proof from the casino.

They have not been able to provide evidence or allow for document verification. The complaint was closed as unresolved because the casino, unfortunately, did not provide us with the requested information and details for a long time. Later, the casino contacted us with all the necessary details and information, so the complaint was reopened and updated/rejected. The complainant breached the casino’s Terms and Conditions – multiple accounts and bonus abuse.

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Bonanza just doesnt do it like ebay does. Nobody will shop there if they havent heard of it. True many sellers are leaving ebay but nearly everyone goes to Bonanza to SELL not to buy.

Player’s Winnings Confiscated Due To Duplicate Account Claim

The next day I found that I can not log into my account, it throws me to the main page. I wrote to the support and they answered, that I can no longer use their site. So they kicked me out without any email or explaining the reason! My further questions were not answered by support. I accidentally purchased a 12 month membership, and within 24 hours tried to cancel it. Well, its been 6 months and I have be recharged the membership.

bonus ladylucks casino

Unfair or predatory rules can possibly be used against players to excuse not paying out winnings to them. We’ve worked out the casino’s Safety Index, a numerical and verbal representation of online casinos’ safety and fairness, based on these discoveries. The greater the Safety Index, the higher the likelihood of playing and receiving your winnings smoothly. Bonanza Game Casino scored a Low Safety Index of 3.9, positioning itself poorly in terms of fairness and safety, as outlined by our evaluation methodology. Carry on reading our Bonanza Game Casino review to make an informed decision whether or not this casino is the right fit for you.

3 days later my payment was refunded with no explanation. Very unprofessional sellers on this site, alot of the sellers are ebay rejects. According to our approximate calculation or collected information, Bonanza Game Casino is a small to average-sized online casino. In relation to its size, it has a very high value of withheld winnings in complaints from players. Since bigger casinos will often receive more complaints because of the larger number of players, we take into account both the casino’s size and player feedback.